The Dr. Naima A. Stennett Scholarship Fund is dedicated to helping deserving students all over the world achieve their career goals through their pursuit of higher education within the United States (U.S.). By providing full coverage of the SAT and a host of supplementary support services, we ensure that our scholarship recipients have the resources they need to explore college opportunities in the U.S.

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Scholarship Recipients

Meet the individuals your donations have impacted:

Tiffany Clarke

Tiffany Clarke is a 2013 Scholarship recipient. She was successful in the SAT examinations and studied at the George Mason University in Virginia. She graduated in 2017 after four years of academic and sporting excellence.

“The SAT scholarship is important, as it assists students in the process of realising their dreams and reaching their fullest potential. This opportunity not only provides financial support for the SAT but it inspires students knowing that others are willing to invest in their future,” says Tiffany.


Reann Young

Reann Young received the scholarship in 2017 and is a member of Georgia Southern University, Georgia, class of 2020. She shares that being able to sit the exam, at no cost to her, offered her the opportunity to focus on her studies.

“Having a scholarship like the SAT Fund helps students with the confidence to pursue other goals. It is important for students to recognise their own potential early in their academic career so that they may experience growth. Receiving help with SAT helps students in that journey,” says Reann.


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